The earliest ceramics were pottery objects made from mixed, which was pressed and fired with other materials. In the 20th century, new ceramics were developed by combining the old process with new materials, resulting in advanced technical ceramics.

There are an enormous range of accessories for various purposes. That are manufactured starting from different raw materials, which are in ceramic, as well as traditional and that produced the base of natural material like clay that crushed,shaped and baked at high temperature.

There are many types of ceramic products differential by their hardness, non-conduction, corrosion resistance, thermal resistance, or if they are alumina ceramic or zircon ceramic, also we have silicon nitride and silicon carbide and others.

Description on above photos:

A half-coated steel was soaked in undiluted hydrochloric acid for a week. The uncoated portion was rusted in a while, whereas the coated portion showed no change at all. Our coating glass is a new material that forms a hard coat at ambient temperature. The coat has hardness of 9H, which is quite hard and it can be used in various applications.