Totally different from the conventional structures, our ceramic belts is the newest type of belt scraper already developed up to today. For remove tailing on the surface of the encrusted belts carrying material, our belt cleaner technology systems help bulk materials handling facilities accomplish their goals for safety, cleanliness, environmental compliance and operation efficiency.

The flexible pipes or hose are lining with ceramics balls are used to reduce the internal costs. However, we developed the ceramic tile in the form of pressure which has five times longer useful life. Another advantage with respect to flexibility, which may curve in the same proportion.

A liner, which was developed by our engineers 25 years ago, is still widely used. However, the liner has various disadvantages. Now, we provide a new liner that overcomes the disadvantages based on the new technology.

The new ceramic liner can be provided to a customer at a low price because it is made from a defective product from a ceramic factory.

Our ceramic pipe has a characteristic in its new shape of a ceramic tip for which we have applied for a patent. A conventional ceramic tip was arranged with a certain gap between tips in a steel pipe so that the pipe was damaged at the gap before the tip was worn out. The newly developed ceramic tip has a shape with no straight line portion parallel to the transport direction so that the steel pipe is protected until the tip is worn out.